15kg Coffee Roaster, Coffee Roaster, دستکاه رست قهوه 15 کیلو گرم, دستگاه رست قهوه

15kg Coffee Roaster Aracup

15kg Coffee Roaster Aracup

In addition to being used in small and medium roasting workshops, the 15kg coffee roaster Aracup can also be used in large cafes and coffee shops. However, there must be a suitable working space of about 2 square meters for the machine and at least 4 square meters for working next to the machine. Large workshops also use this machine to grow special Arabica and special grains.

If you have a lot of work to do, we suggest that it be accompanied by a smoke burner due to the smoke from roasting the coffee beans.

You can use the customization items to change the power of the machine depending on the type of use.


Specifications of 15 kg coffee roaster

  • Production capacity of 30 to 45 kg of coffee beans per hour
  • Power consumption 220 volts
  • Dimensions of the device are 190×90×150 cm and the required space is 6 square meters
  • The weight of the device and accessories (supplies and necessities) is about 600 kg
  • Steel body in selected colors covered in golden or silver steel plates
  • Front drum and flange with relevant steel fittings
  • 1/5 hp drum gearbox motor with adjustable speed
  • Raw grain tank (funnel) with drain valve and steel fittings
  • Burner direct flame drum heat with German gas solenoid valve
  • Drum internal temperature thermostat and exhaust output thermostat
  • Automatic roasting timer
  • Drum ventilator centrifuge with 3000 rpm motor and exhaust adjustment valve
  • Peeling tank with drain valve
  • Smoke burner with gas burner, tank, base and steel fittings
  • Cooling shield with an inner wall and steel floor equipped with multipurpose stirring blades and round speed adjustment key
  • A 3000 rpm cooling shield centrifuge with special suction design to speed up the cooling process of coffee beans
  • Portable touch electrical panel


Custom manufacture of roasting machine

  •  Indirect heat in the form of hot air, gas burner and internal changes of the skeleton
  •  Inverter for adjusting the cooling tray and centrifuge in the electrical panel with a special switch
  •  Ability to connect to a computer for Roast profile

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  •  Coffee bean lift



  • Advice on purchasing and training on work and maintenance of the device
  • 36 months warranty on device parts and accessories (except electrical appliances)
  • Providing after-sales service and supply of lifetime parts
  • On-site installation

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